Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients include individuals and families seeking the assistance of a Certified
Financial Planner™ Professional. They prefer the objective advice of a Fiduciary
Investment Adviser - understanding the benefits over working with commission-based
salespeople and the inherent conflicts of a fee-based advisor. They also prefer the
consistent, personalized attention of working with an individual, rather than an institution.

Approaching Retirement?

A growing nest egg is a primary concern of near-retirees. However, this important
milestone also comes with mixed feelings - the excitement of change and the unease
that comes with complex decisions regarding rollovers, Social Security, pensions, and
how to approach spending needs in retirement. They want a partner to help them
make good decisions during this important life transition.

Busy Professional?

Many of our clients are busy professionals (Dentists, Physicians, Professors, and
Administrators) wanting to focus more time on their career, family, and other interests.
They are seeking a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional to take a lead in this
important role. Some are small business owners with the added responsibilities and
financial complexities of running a business. Others are employees with complex
employee benefit programs.

Personal Wealth Management

Personal Wealth Management is where the best of objective Fee-Only investment advising and financial planning meet. As independent fiduciaries, rather than commission-based salespeople, we are true partners in support of your vision. The ultimate value of Personal Wealth Management is that it provides an objective and committed approach to your personal finances.